On March 1, Startup Greece and Founderhood set a date for Greek Innovators of the global tech startup ecosystem through the online program, Greek Startup Universe. The open online program will be free for Greeks and Cypriots with a tech startup or idea aiming to impact the world. In 8 weeks, successful Greek tech founders, investors, and experts worldwide will share their experience, expertise, knowledge, and insights with Greek and Cypriot tech founders of early-stage tech startups. The participating teams will be able to book 1-on-1 meetings with more than 40 Greek-origin experts from all the continents to offer their expertise in fields like product management, marketing, sales, and strategic fundraising opportunities. At the same time, participants will gain access to around 17 markets of the global tech startup community, technological innovation centers like San Francisco, New York, and Israel, and emerging markets like India and Brazil. To mention just a few of them, we are glad to have as experts Michalis Petichakis, Elisavet Micheloudaki, Christos Silaidis, Christina Kousiounelou, George Giannakeas, and Nick Sarilakis. Participating teams will also join weekly office hours with live Q&A with experienced founders of mature tech startups like Alexis Piperides, Kostas Pardalis, and Nicky Goulimis and investors. In parallel, the teams will access the program’s active community, educational material, tools, and services kindly provided by companies like HubSpot, Zendesk, Proto.io, and The Port.

Greek Startup Universe aims to connect innovative Greeks around the world with the support of strategic partners like GreekTech in New York, CyprusInno in Cyprus, the Economic & Commercial Affairs Office of the Consulate General of Greece in San Francisco, and the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs that supported as getting the program running under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Public Diplomacy and Greeks abroad. Media partners of the program are Economia Group and Epixeiro. In parallel, the program is supported by the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship, Orange Grove, and Greek House of Davos | 2021, as community partners. Weekly all the partners, supporters, and stakeholders are announced on the Greek Startup Universe website.

We invite all the interested Greek and Cypriot founders of tech startup ideas in Greece and abroad to book their seats for the program through the website http://greekstartupuniverse.org/. For more info, stay tuned to join the informative event presenting the program this Thursday, February 4th, live in Facebook and Twitter social media accounts of Greek Startup Universe.