The cover is titled “Evolution- Revolution” depicting the fundamental changes in the way banks operated in Greece.


From a development and business oriented modus operandi, banks start looking at consumers and “making money out of money” as the issue notes.


The issue hosts interviews of the most prominent figures of the sector at the time:


  • then Governor of the Bank of Greece, Lukas Papadimos
  • the late chairman of Alpha Credit Bank, Yannis Costopoulos
  • the late Theodore Karatzas, Chairman of the National Bank of Greece.


It also presents all the major players of the sector: the role of the Central Bank, the special Credit Institutions, the Hellenic Industrial Development Bank (ETVA), the National Investment Bank for Industrial Development (ETEVA), the private and public retail banks of the time, the mortgage banks and the foreign branch banks.


To download the  issue, click here for the first part, here for the second, here for the third, here for the fourth and here for the fifth.