Viomichaniki Epitheorisi’s second issue, in March 1992, is concerned by the energy dependence of Greece.

Back then, the main worry was the energy intensity- the rate of energy consumption relative to GDP and its rapidly rising trend.

The problem was exacerbated by the fact that Greeks loved their cars and did not much use public transportation.

The Prinos oil field, 8 km off-shore the coast of the Thassos island had been in operation for less than a year and its future looked uncertain.

On the other hand, foreign companies (ie the Italian Agip and Shell) were looking for adequate oil reserves to drill (in the Ionian Sea and the Thermaicos Gulf) while hopes were high for the Sea of Crete.

The issue also includes an article on the “Extensive Alternative Potential” that the favorable climate of Greece offers: wind, solar and geothermal renewable energies were looking possible, particularly in the islands.

You can read all about Greece’s quest to reduce its energy dependence, the privatization policy of PASOK and its decision to import natural gas to diversify supplies, New Democracy’s bid for investments, the pricing policy, the promising growth of the Public Power Corporation (DEH) and its ambitious programme for the period 1992-2001!

To download the  issue, click here for the first part and here the second one.