Change is afoot… Great innovations are happening in Greece! Are you interested?

Join Innovation Ready to increase your innovation capacity and to produce highvalue-added products and services:

During the 6th Innovation Ready workshop, “Smart infrastructure for sustainable living” on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, from 16:30 to 18:15, will be presented:

  • Smart sensor designed and manufactured in Greece
  • Energy and fuel storage management system
  • Traffic management solutions and city mobility platforms
  • Edge cloud data centers infrastructure
  • Integrated Workplace Management System
  • Process optimization platform for marinas and tourist ports
  • Voting system based on verified feedback

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The presentations will be in English.

By asking to participate to the B2B meetings after the event, you may:

  • Be part of Matchmaking processes between industries and leading local startups that leverage cutting -edge technologies and digital transformation solutions in which VC Funds have already invested in.
  • Discover and seize business opportunities, by taking advantage of both nascent, pre-industrial and mature technologies looking for ways to penetrate the markets.

Forthcoming Innovation Ready events: “AI for industry”, “Smart Materials”, “Logistics/Transportation” and “Customer experience”.

For further Information, please contact SEV’s Innovation Department, Mrs. Eleonora Stamati | Τ: 211 500 6165 | Ε: