A Survey of Greek Agroindustries

Although every year this time around agricultural mobilizations are a common occurence in Greece, this year such a trend seems to be pan-European. In France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, farmers are rebelling against the EU’s common agricultural policy, complaining over their low incomes, high production costs and ever-increasing restrictions due to the priority given to environmental protection.
It seems, in fact, that the EU will not finally proceed with the adoption of a free trade agreement with the Latin American countries, as this would open indeed a large market for European industrial products but also expose European agricultural products to strong competition.

The protection of the agricultural sector has been from the very beginning one of the pillars of the European edifice, through the Common Agricultural Policy built in the Sixties. This largely shaped the agricultural sector in Greece as well, not always in the right direction.

The effects of the CAP as well as the potential of Greek agriculture, livestock farming and fishing were presented over the years by Industrial Review (the English-language business magazine published by Kerkyra Publications in 1991-2022) – but in a quite comprehensive way in the June 1997 issue. A quarter of a century later, the problems pointed at back then reflect quite clearly on what followed and on the issues which continue to concern us.