The Aristotle Medical Forum (AMF) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will take place in September 9-11, 2021, at the main Ceremony Hall of the University. 

Aristotle Medical Forum (AMF) is an international, global scientific forum for healthcare innovation and well-being. It takes place on an annual basis during the first weekend of the International Fair of Thessaloniki, so as to increase the visibility and aura which places in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece in the middle of the political, financial and business activity at an international level.

The AMF represents a common meeting ground of Medical Science and Innovation with Technology, Society and Industry.

It is aimed towards the captains of academia and industry, but at the same time towards the broader society with the goal of highlighting innovative achievements of Medicine and Biomedical Technology, in order to held guide the governmental and industrial planning towards the promotion of Public Health.

Hot topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, including its present and future management from several different perspectives (medical, educational, societal) will be addressed.

The invited speakers will be top researchers and leading academicians from all around the world, institutional representatives of the state, policy makers and leaders of national and international pharmaceutical and medical device industries, as well as representatives of social groups.