Cooking, cleaning, digital socializing: Greeks adopt their consumer behavior to the second lockdown of the country.

According to the latest report on Greek Consumer Trends by the Institute of Retail Consumer Goods, IELKA, Greeks return to the habits adopted during the first national lockdown, in spring:

1. Cooking at home, as well as preparing home made sweets and coffee

2. Taking general care of the house, cleaning, making repairs, gardening, etc.

3. Using more the social media

Nowdays, though, there is a striking difference.

Greek consumers say they will spend less in supermarkets, on alcohol, for food and coffee delivery and take away.

Unlike what happened in spring, it seems that the shift in consumer habits is not accompanied this time by a corresponding increase in household expenses. This might be due to the fact that for many goods the budget was already significantly high, or due to the fact that room to spend is limited” notes IELKA.

The report says that consumers will keep food expenses the same, but at the same time they will cut back on their total spending in super markets.

IELKA believes that a “certain fatigue” is hitting consumer confidence.

It shows in the fact that interest in healthy food seems to be winding down. Unlike the previous lockdown, sales of vitamins and supplements are not expected to be affected by the second wave of the coronavirus.

On the contrary, demand for masks, antiseptics, gloves, and other protective equipment is expected to be on the rise.

You can read the IELKA report here.