Economia Publishing participated in the Delphi Economic Forum VI 2021.

On Thursday, 13 May, LSE Professor and 2010 Nobel laureate Christoforos Pissaridis discussed with Economia journalist A.D.Papagiannidis the future of work once the corona-virus pandemic is over.

Teleworking work through platforms/the gig economy, the widespread introduction of technology and automation to the work-place make for radical structural changes.

The increase in efficiency but also the shift in the very structure and content of work raise issues of new skills that have to be acquired, but also of institutions adapted to new realities; already Spain has legislated that work through platforms gets much of the protection of salaried employment.

For Pissaridis, reforms that are to be introduced need to be explained to public opinion: only if workers realise that they participate in efforts that ensure to them a measure of security will they adapt to new needs and follow training that will bring efficiency to business.