Digital – Capital Link International Shipping Forum


Three weeks before its due date, when the majority of other events were cancelled or postponed, the 14th Annual Capital Link International Shipping Forum was converted into a digital forum adapting to the current reality. It is especially in periods of uncertainty and crisis when we need to keep our sense of community, the industry connectivity and the information flow.

The result?  As a testament to technology connecting people all over the world to a single platform, over a two day period over 3,044 registrants had the opportunity to attend 22 online sessions, with 96 industry leaders including top executives from 36 shipping companies. And 142 meetings took place digitally between shipping companies and investors hosted by Citi and Capital Link. And the number keeps increasing daily as delegates log in to access the replays of this library of information which covers all critical topics of the shipping industry, including the fundamentals and outlook of all major shipping segments, the energy and commodity markets, finance and capital raising, regulation, technology, environmental compliance, alternative fuels and a lot more.

In partnership with Citi, in cooperation with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ and with the support of the event’s sponsors who stood by this pioneering endeavor, the first large scale digital shipping conference, a project of significant complexity, took place within a very short period of time. The proceedings of the forum have dominated the headlines for days.

A picture is worth a thousand words, industry leaders from all Asia, Europe, the Americas, connected on video and addressed a global audience from their home office. It was a moving and empowering act which shows the resilience of the industry and its ability and determination to navigate through the current crisis.



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