Active support of corporate social responsibility actions through:

Participation in activities with social content

  • Donating Books for social initiatives:

– The “Journalists in Action” Volunteer Network, which created ten children’s and youth libraries in remote and outlying villages in Greece

– The “Seas of Excellence” Community which supports with scholarships students from the country’s outlying islands

  • Helping the efforts of “DIAZOMA”, an association aiming at the conservation and restoration of monuments and more generally cultural heritage
  • Organising Christmas Bazaars in order to support social action organisations, such as the “Floga” association for cancer children patients and the “Association for the Care of People with Neuromuscular Diseases”
  • Kerkyra Publications S.A.-Economia Publishing has been recognized and has received a Commendation for Social Contribution and Benevolent Action for its sponsorship consistency by OMEPO (Association for the Communication of Culture and Economy), in June 1998

  • Donations of books for the enrichment of libraries in schools, universities, institutions, museums, organizations and municipalities throughout the country
  • Organization of free seminar-level discussions, entitled “Seminars of Athinas Street”, on topics such as spatial planning and the city, energy in the new era, economy and the upgrading of development, etc.
  • Organisation of events in the form of open debates on issues relating to various sectors of the economy and society, always on the occasion of either the publication of a book or a special feature in the “Oikonomiki Epitheorisi” magazine



Organisation of the economia Student Competition

  • The institution was launched in 1994
  • 29 years of continuous running under the auspices of leading Greek Universities and important Supporters and Sponsors
  • Jury consisting of prominent members of the academic and business community
  • Awards to more than 300 students from public and private higher education institutions
  • Since 2024 the economia Student Competition is passed on to ECONOMIA MEDIA SA


Donations of archival material to institutions with open access to researchers

  • Since 2012, 2,656 files of unpublished material from the five-volume project GREAT GREEK BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY (ΜΕΓΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΝ ΒΙΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΟΝ ΛΕΞΙΚΟΝ) by Konstantinos Vovolinis have been deposited to the Gennadius Library, based on a donation by Alexandra K. Vovolini
  • Since 2020, the archive of the Viomichaniki Epitheorisis magazine published by Spyros Vovolinis (1934-1990) has been deposited to the Historical Archive of the Bank of Greece, also on the initiative of Alexandra K. Vovolini
  • In 2023, part of the archive of the monthly financial magazine Oikonomiki Epitheorisi (historical continuation of Viomichaniki Epitheorisis) from 1995 onwards was added to the Historical Archive of the Bank of Greece, by the same procedure
  • Part of the Library of the Vovolini brothers has also been deposited to the Library of the Bank of Greece and to the Historical Archive of Public Power Cooperation