The Experience Park of Elliniko is the first project of the ex- airport renovation project delivered to the citizens.

It opened its gates to the public on Monday, December 20, 2021.

It is a park of over 70,000 square meters that is part of the Metropolitan Park of Elliniko, of a total area of ​​2,000 acres.


It contains the fountain with hundreds of water jets that create unique choreography, outdoor sports areas, playground, a Zen garden and a garden with olive trees, where the elements of water and the Mediterranean nature dominate.

The two light installations, presented for the first time in Greece, stand out:


  • the imposing Stalactite with very bright patterns that synchronize with music, which bears the signature of the artists Christopher Bauder and Boris Divider
  • and Helios, a large-scale lighting installation by Algorithm, giving the impression of a field full of light and motion. It is formed using 7500 custom LED spheres, meticulously positioned into a circular display. Colors and shapes are changing according to a specific program creating a huge digital canvas where ribbons of color wash over the Zen Garden.


A special place in the park during the festive season has the Christmas Tree, 17 meters high. The Christmas tree is consisted of 180 small sized real trees and upon the completion of the Christmas period, the trees will be donated for plantation.

The area of the Experience Park also hosts all three Air Force hangars that are designated historic monuments by the Greek Ministry of Culture .

The Park is open to the public every day, from 17:00 until 22:00 and accessible from ouliagmeni Avenue, close to Elliniko Metro station. A shuttle bus is available by Metro Elliniko. Admission is free. 

The Ellinikon is Europe’s greatest urban regeneration project — a multi-dimensional destination centered in one of the largest coastal parks in the world. Upon full completion, The Ellinikon will have a total area of 6,200,000 sqm.