The president of the Greek socialist party Kinima Allagis, Fofi Genimata, died at 57 after a long battle with cancer.

Fofi Genimata was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 46.

Years after and having won that first battle, she said in an interview”

“It is extremely difficult to think that your children will grow up without you, to think that your little one may not even remember how you look, your voice, your affection .  I was terrified when I thought that my children would suddenly be left alone. It is very painful. “

She was hospitalized in Evagelismos on October 12, as her health deteriorated.

The same day she announced that she withdrew her candidacy for the president elections of Kinima Allagis.


Genimata was born in 1964. Following the steps of her father, Georgios Genimatas, a leading figure of the socialist movement in Greece, she entered politics at an early age.

She served in various positions in local and national authorities and was elected president of the socialist party in 2015.

Genimata lost both of her parents from cancer. She had three children.