The establishment of a common European certificate for people vaccinated against Covid-19 will help European countries safely open travel and tourism in the coming months the Greek government believes.

In a letter to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the EU leaders, the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, even presented a draft of the proposed certificate prepared by the Greek authorities.

Draft of common SARS-Cov-2 vaccination certificate proposed by Greek authorities

The certificate is to be used upon embarkation on all means of transport: air, sea and rail.

Greece plans to make travel free for all people that have been vaccinated.

The Greek government argues that, unlike what happened in 2020, this time European authorities should coordinate to establish common safety and hygiene rules for travel and tourism. This way the 2020 mess will be avoided and countries that heavily depend on tourism (like Greece) will be able to restart the industry and safely host tourists.

Moreover, the European “vaccination passport” will give extra incentive for people to get vaccinated.

Ensuring the quickest possible re-establishment of freedom of movement between Member States, but also with third countries is, of necessity, a fundamental priority for us all K. Mitsotakis says in his letter.

That is why in Greece we have moved quickly to put in place procedures for facilitating the freedom of movement of persons who have been vaccinated against COVID 19. A key step in this regard is to establish a standardized certificate, which will prove that an individual has been successfully vaccinated.”

Athens puts pressure on Brussels to move quickly and certainly before the 2021 summer season begins.

The common PLF experience had once again highlighted the lengthy and complex procedures involved in every common European initiative.