Greece has become a test field for high technology, digital means to deter migration flows.

Dozens of Artificial Intelligence pilot programs– ranging from lie detectors to sound cannonshave been introduced in the Evros region, along the 200-kilometer Greek border with Turkey.

Drones patrol the border area, sending pictures from both sides of the river.

Drone flying over the Evros river bank

Image given by the drone








Long-range night vision cameras placed on towers of the new fence also collect data. The data is sent to the border guard authority control centers and are processed using artificial intelligence analysis.

The sound cannon is mounted on an armored truck and bursts deafening noise over the frontier at the volume of a jet engine. The idea is to send a “loud and clear” message to migrants not to try illegally crossing the border.

The “sound cannon”

Guards patrol the river 24/7 and with the help of long-range acoustic devices try to detect any suspicious movement on the other side of the border.

The AI project put in place at the Greek- Turkish border is a key element of the new EU migration policy.

The aim is to detect migrants early and stop them from crossing the European border, rather than having to deal with large migrant populations within the European Union.

Thousands of migrants trying to cross into Greece, March 2020

A policy that was first implemented in March 2020, when thousands of migrants waded across the Evros River triggering days of violent clashes with the Greek armed forces.

Source: AP