A series of new online government services will come into force in 2022 aiming to make life easier for citizens.

The new digital services are expected to be accessible to the public in the first half of the year. These platforms will provide:

– Digital signatures
In January, a total of 376,500 signatures will be available to specific professional groups, such as business managers, accountants, lawyers, notaries.

– Identity cards and driver’s licenses on mobile phones
Following the introduction of digital identities on mobile phones, which enables citizens to prove their identity with the vaccination certificate, the Ministry of Digital Government plans to extend this platform. According to the Ministry’s plans, driving licenses will be available on mobiles by the end of the year.

– Real estate transfers
A system called “the digital real estate transfer file” has been designed to draw all necessary certificates to complete a real estate transaction at the notary.

Starting a sole proprietorship
The whole process will be completed in one step, avoiding all current bureaucratic procedures.

-‘”Digital” divorce
Couples will be able to issue quickly a consensual divorce through an online platform. The two parties, using an attorney, will be able to electronically dissolve their marriage within 10 days, without going to the court.

-National Register of Procedures
For the first time, the Greek state will record all its administrative procedures, step by step.
The National Register of Procedures will be accessible to all, so that both citizens and civil servants can easily and quickly find all the necessary documents to complete any administrative procedure.

-Telepsychiatry services
Free teleconsultation on mental health issues will be offered through this platform.