The Greek government has announced it will offer a 150 euro voucher to all young adults that decide to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The voucher, called “the freedom pass”,#Freedom_pass, will be available to citizens between the ages of 18 -25, after they receive a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The “freedom pass” will not be used anywhere, but to support young people to travel or follow cultural events. More specifically, the €150 can be used for air, ferry, and rail tickets, car rental, campsites, holiday accommodation, and other travel services.

It will also be valid for cinemas, theaters, music performances, museums, and archaeological sites.

Young people will be able to apply for the “freedom pass” from July, 15.

Greek authorities estimate that by the end of June, about 48% of the total population will be fully vaccinated.

Fear of the Portuguese example

The Greek government seeks to vaccinate at least 70% of the population to build a wall of immunity against Covid-19 by the end of summer.

Greek healthcare experts are particularly worried about the coronavirus Delta variant that quickly spreads across Europe.

They note that in Portugal, where tourists from the United Kingdom have been taking holidays for the past weeks, new coronavirus cases rose by 1,604 last week, the biggest jump since February. The spread of the D variant has forced Portuguese authorities to reintroduce restriction measures previously lifted. The Delta variant is behind more than 90% of new COVID cases in the UK.

Greece tries to get in the “green list” of the British traffic light system, or have at least the Greek islands into the green list. Holidaymakers from the United Kingdom are vital to Greek tourism.