The October 1996 issue of Industrial Review is dedicated to Greek manufacturing.

Under the title “From smokestack to software”, the issue hosts a detailed survey on the many challenges Greek manufacturing was facing in the wake of the new world economic order of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

• George Alogoskoufis, then professor of the Athens Economic University and later minister of Finances (2004-2009) writes about the lack of competitiveness and the policies of nationalization of ailing companies.

• Antonis Krontiras, then member of the Delta Dairy board, talks about the lack of technical background of Greek entrepreneurs.

• George Provopoulos, then director general of IOBE and later Bank of Greece Governor (2008-2014) argues against subsidies and grants and asks for more efficient administration and infrastructure.

• Dimitris Daskalopoulos, then Delta managing director, explains that “the problem with the stock exchange is that it puts emphasis on short term results”.

• Damianos Hadjikokkinos, then deputy general manager at Dafnos Holdings, says “the agricultural community has its mind fixed on selling fresh products into the German and Middle Eastern markets”, failing to adjust to new production methods.

• Yiannis Manolis, then alternate president of GSEE, defends the minimum wage in Greece.

• The issue also hosts analysis pieces on the food, tobacco, textiles, clothing, wood products, paper, plastics and chemicals industries of Greece.

• It also includes a comprehensive presentation of the refining and petroleum industry in Greece and the debate on the privatization of the Public Petroleum Corporation (DEP).

To download the issue, click here for the first part, here for the second, here for the third, here for the fourth and here for the fifth.