In the pulse of the pandemic

“Oikonomiki Epitheorissi” (Financial Review), the independent magazine that will complete 86 years in July, has recorded over the years events that have cost many lives and caused financial disasters. The unexpected and deadly crisis with the coronavirus pandemic that our entire planet is experiencing nowadays is yet another milestone in History.

Whenever something like this happens, despair overwhelms the world. Then, always, the world moves forward.

The responsibility of dealing with the situation is common to all: government and citizens alike. The first, to provide guidance and relief measures in the health sector and, soon after, in the hard-hit economy. The second, to offer something positive, without waiting for or even requiring everything from the government.

Our “Oikonomiki Epitheorissi” and the bi-monthly journal “greekBusinessFile”  have been written during this unprecedented time of fear for our generation, in front of the unknown virus and amid structural changes in our journalistic routine. However, they will be normally released in the first week of April and you will be able to obtain them online if they fail to reach the distribution point. As you will find out, both issues intend to offer an image of hope.

On our website (available also in English) you can always find up-to-date articles written by our contributors, updated daily to give a stream of current-day reflections, as well as crisis-related articles, articles from The Economist etc.

Having the expectation that this ordeal will pass without leaving indelible marks on the future, despite the inevitable tragic human casualties of this new kind of war, we shall continue this many-sided struggle with strength and optimism.


Alexandra C. Vovolini                    Antonis Papagiannidis

Publisher                                            Managing editor