Mikis Theodorakis. My posters

Mikis Theodorakis. My posters, edited by Maria Adamantidis and published by Kerkyra Publications-economia Publishing in 2007, is the first-time ever publication of posters from the personal archive of renowned composer Mikis Theodorakis.

A rare and delightful collection of posters from 1952 to the present, spanning more than half a century of concerts from Berlin to Bilbao and from St. Petersburg to St. Paul, as the composer and his orchestra journeyed throughout the modern world spreading the word, always both musical and political, in the form of Greek popular songs, crowdrousing oratorios, or hugely successful ballets.

This gallery of images graphic signposts, really, in a wide-ranging itinerary that made Theodorakis synonymous with Greece and freedom will also be appreciated for their visual variety, as the artists’ approaches mirror cultural differences according to the country of origin.

Mikis Theodorakis: “We set thousands of fires ablaze everywhere we went”


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