Euphoria in the Shipping World

Is it for real?

Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2022

Phygital Conference Experience



What a difference a year makes! Compared to our previous conference, most markets have taken off with unprecedented ferocity.

But is this going to be one more shipping boom and bust cycle or are we about to witness different dynamics? Can Euphoria be for Real this time? Could the environmental considerations and uncertainties prevailing be a blessing in disguise and keep the order book in check? How will the newly advocated targets of the Poseidon Principles influence banks and private equity funds? And how about the cost of transporting even the most basic of commodities and goods? How can we make trade sustainable and make it a win-win equation for producers, shippers and consumers?

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that all shipping industry stakeholders seek is sustainability in trade, in the environment, in society. But sustainability also means not trying to take advantage of shipping by imposing over regulation in a multitude of facets.

Many of these important themes will be discussed and deciphered by the growing community of Slide2Open Shipping Finance speakers, delegates and sponsors. The 2021 conference was attended by over 10,000 unique participants and an average of 1000 simultaneous live attendees in each session. Organisers promise to once again think out of the box. After all, during these past two years so much has been about re-inventing, even the best of practices, and the Slide2Open Shipping Finance Conference, now in its 5th year, will innovate again. Particularly, with a fast evolving in so many different ways global backdrop that is:

· Global recovery at a peak particularly in countries with an advanced vaccination program,

· Possible tightening of looser monetary policies experienced during the pandemic from fear of possible inflation pressures,

· Decentralised Finance (known as DeFi) – this newly evolving form of blockchain finance – that could potentially pose a serious challenge to brokerages, banks and central authorities and create new and much less regulated outlets for ship financing,

· Shifting trade patterns, with China fast becoming a high consumption economy and, as is commonly referred to, “Made in China” being replaced by “Made for China”.

· With Artificial Intelligence (AI) fast seeping into our society, should this not start being a major focus for the shipping industry, before other sectors of the economy absorb what is already a shortage of AI talent? How can this talent start adding value to the shipping industry already?

These are some of the key issues that the Conference aims to bring to the fore through a well-tested and most successful phygital conference interaction.

Key figures from the shipping, banking, financing, trade and IT industries, as well as representatives of the State and regulatory authorities have already confirmed their presence in Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2022 Conference.

The Conference will take place in Athens and all around the World. Organisers hope that this year, always following applicable protocols and guidelines, they will be able to welcome face-to-face a limited number of distinguished guests to physically participate and interact. The Conference will be live streamed via its unique 3D Virtual Venue.

The 2021 conference’s theme was a call to Beat On and indeed it was right on target in calling the beat. Now the goal is to make this beat prolonged and euphoric. Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2022 will try to spread this Euphoria and see what it will take to Make it for Real.



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