Th. Vokos on the 1.000th issue of Oikonomiki Epitheorisi

I have vivid memories of the many encounters in the fifties and sixties, that my father Theodore Vokos had with Spyros Vovolinis. I was present at many of these and I listened and learned from their discussions as they reviewed the challenges of their publishing businesses as well as the political ‘gossip’ of the day. They were contemporaries and dedicated journalists and publishers. Βιομηχανικη Επιθεωρηση, was a model publication, ahead of its time, that played an important role in post war Greece by stimulating economic thought and addressing issues affecting the development of the country. Sustaining a specialised publication was not easy during those years as it was competing for support with the political dailies that were getting the lions share of the funds, advertising and other, that were available. Credit to Spyros Vovolinis for his tenacity and persistence that kept Βιομηχανικη Επιθεωρηση lively and strong over all these years.

It is impressive to see how Alexandra Vovolini has run with the ‘baton’ handed to her and has developed, under the new title ‘Οικονομική Επιθεώρηση’, a leading contemporary media entity that continues the proud tradition of Spyros Vovolinis.

Sincere wishes to Alexandra and her dedicated team on this anniversary as they march on to the 100th year that is soon coming, not around the corner but not that far away!

Themistocles Vokos