Young entrepreneurs who are building the New Greece are bonding with the brightest lights of the Greek Diaspora through The Hellenic Initiative’s new Virtual Entrepreneurial Mentorship Project “Connect the Dots.”

The program is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Athens, as part of its campaign “USA-Greece: Celebrating 200 Years of Friendship” commemorating Greece’s Bicentennial.  It is also under the auspices of the “Greece 2021” Committee.

“Connect the Dots” will bring together two worlds.

It will connect talented and promising entrepreneurs from Greece with professionals in the U.S. who are part of groups like THI’s bright New Leaders community. The aim is to connect these communities in a meaningful and structured way, enabling them to learn from each other and provide valuable support and mentorship, helping Greek companies to grow and flourish.

The program marks one more example of cooperation between the U.S. Embassy in Athens and The Hellenic Initiative to support Greece’s startup ecosystem and foster Greece’s economic development.

The Hellenic Initiative (THI), which was founded in 2012 by members of the global Greek Diaspora and philhellene communities to respond to the worsening economic crisis and to support and shape Greece’s long-term recovery, has shifted gears to help the people of Greece and its successful new startups weather the COVID-19 challenge.