An American student visits a traditional family business in Crete, renowned for its hospitality and culinary arts. This is an innovative experiential recipe book by Anh Tran which celebrates the “farm to table” Cretan homemade food, edited by Maria Chnaraki, Ethnosociologist, Folklorist & Cultural Anthropologist, Professor at Drexel University (Philadelphia – USA), Official Representative of the World Council of Cretans and author of “Cretan Music – Unraveling Ariadne’s Thread” (Kerkyra publications).

The book is endorsed by the World Council of Cretans and international personalities that highlight the so-called “anthropology and diplomacy of food” by underlining (a) the cultural multi-context of food science (Drexel’s Dr. Jonathan Deutsch), (b) the entrepreneurial contributions of the Cretan diet (WCC’s Mr. Emanuel Kugiumutzis), (c) the project’s dimensions in terms of “food bridges” (Hon. Consul Napoleon Paterakis), and (d) hospitality in a foreign affairs cross-fertilization context (H.E. Ambassador Nguyen Manh Cuong). Those endorsements elevate the current student project and the “Ideal family” venture to a landmark reference book.

In this precious bilingual book, three professors, four international personalities, and a US philanthropist collaborated during an abroad, academic program toward this exciting edition. Beyond the recipes, the book elevates the household tradition to current foodways. The reader will enjoy a step-by-step guide full of creative contents of authentic food. As the author explains: “Food is an art that deeply represents a country or a culture. And what makes one culture different from the other? Its distinctiveness.

Therefore, I believe it is hardly fair to present a local cuisine through bullets points and simple ingredients”. In particular, the author’s intention is not to compare or contrast world cuisines, but to understand, respect and value the distinctiveness of each and every single one of them. The outcome is this ideal introduction to the Cretan food world written with enthusiasm and thorough research by a non-Greek who is able to discover and uncover all its little charming secrets.