Three Gold Business Law Awards for HFSF’s legal team

The Hellenic Financial Stability Fund’s legal team has picked up three gold awards at the Business Law Awards 2024, for its key role in the banking and finance industry. The awards were received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund, Andreas Verykios, and the Head of Legal Services, Despina Doxakis, in the presence of the lawyers of the team Nayas Boltetsu, Nayas Pyridis, Vicky Soubasakou and Alexandrou Maratou.

The successful disinvestment by the HFSF of its holdings in the National Bank, a transaction of major importance for the Greek economy, was awarded the Gold award for the Best Transaction in the banking and financial sector. The Gold award for the Best In-house Legal Service in the banking and financial sector was awarded to the HFSF legal team in recognition of its high expertise, efficiency and dedication. Finally, they also received the Honorary Award for the Best Internal Legal Service of the Year, thus confirming the leading position of the team in the legal sector and its contribution to the Greek banking and financial system.

After the vicissitudes it went through in the previous 15 years, the Greek banking system seems to be on its feet again (with lingering accusations of bank’ ‘greed’ behavior, once they were bailed out with taxpayers’ money). The role of the HFSF was a catalyst for the restructuring of the banks; it now goes on as a healthy institution bequeathed by the crisis to the Greek economy. Other such examples, as well as the lessons learned from the fiscal debt crisis, are presented in his own special way by Nikos Garganas, in his book “Greece’s sovereign debt crisis and its economic aftermath. Analysis and Lessons” recently released by Kerkyra – economia Publishing.