The president of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Melina Travlou, spoke about the important role of shipping in the world economy, the challenges of decarbonization and the opportunities that shipping offers, especially to young people, in a press conference in the context of Poseidonia 2022.

Ms. Travlou stressed that one of the main priorities of the Union is to defend the positions of Greek shipping and for people to understand the importance of shipping for their daily lives.
The Union also aims to make Europe understand that setting targets for a single geographical area can undermine European shipping. Specifically, Ms. Travlou clarified that the rules regarding decarbonization should be set within the framework of IMO and implemented by all states.
“We want Europe to understand the strategic importance of Greek shipping. Especially now with the war in Ukraine, when Europe needs to move forward with its energy independence, the role of Greek shipping will be crucial. Europe must always prioritize realistic solutions based on maritime safety.”

Dimitris Fafalios, Secretary of the Union of Greek Shipowners stressed that “if there wasre ” green “fuels available today, we would use them yesterday! There is a great will to decarbonize and improve the existing fleet.”

Referring to the crews, the president of the Union of Greek Shipowners said that efforts are being made so that young people understand the importance of shipping and the many professional opportunities it offers and also to upgrade the quality of Greek studies.