Christians of the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrated Good Friday.

In Greece, where a strict lockdown is still in place, traditional processions were modified to align with the restrictions and other COVID-19 prevention measures .

Epitaphios procession in Piraeus

People were allowed to enter the churches in small numbers. Attending the mass, inside or outside the church building, was only allowed if wearing two masks.

Epitaphios procession in Naplio

The solemn processions of the Epitaphios (the litany of the platform that carries an icon depicting the body of Christ being laid in the grave) that normally cover many street blocks were confined around the church building.

Epitaphios procession in Argos

The processions had to start earlier to be completed before the curfew.

Still, people of all ages flocked to the churches not just in the cities but in the countryside too.

Epitaphios procession in Piraeus

Despite movement restrictions that do not allow people to travel outside their region, thousands of Greeks found a way to visit their birthplaces or holiday homes.

The Prime Minister of Greece and his son, Konstantinos, attended the procession at the church of the Athens General Hospital “Hippocrates”.