Vovolini Archives’ donation to the Historical Archives of the Bank of Greece

by Alexandra C. Vovolini

In January 2020, the archives of the economic magazine, Industrial Review (Βιομηχανική Επιθεώρησις –“Viomichaniki Epitheorissis”) (1934 – 1990) published by Spyros A. Vovolinis, the archives of his brother Konstantinos A. Vovolinis, as well as the archives of the newspaper Greek Blood (Ελληνικόν Αίμα – “Hellenikon Aema”) (1940-1949) have been donated to the Historical Archives of the Bank of Greece by their heir Alexandra K. Vovolini (Publisher and Director of Kerkyra Publications S.A. – Economia Publishing).

The archival collections of the Vovolini family exceed 1,750 individual files and highlight – through the variety of their records – the multifaceted activity of the two brothers: Spyros Vovolinis whose professional activity was focused on journalism and publishing, and Konstantinos Vovolinis who distinguished himself in research – historical activities and in active involvement in politics.