“Who are we?” a quest for Greek identity

On December 14 (19:00), at the Museum of the City of Athens (Paparrigopoulou 5-7, Klathmonos Square) a debate will take place, based on a series of books by Giorgos-Stylianos Prevelakis.

He taught geography and geopolitics in France, USA and Britain with an emphasis on diasporas and population movements. For two terms he was Permanent Representative of Greece to the OECD, while his is the initiative to create an OECD Population Center in Crete, in collaboration with the Municipality of Chania and the Economic Forum of Delphi.

One of Prevelakis’ books  “Who are we? Geopolitics of Greek identity” (also in English, by Kerkyra Publications-economia Publishing) looks at how modern Hellenism emerged as a “cultural sediment” over the centuries; also how sense of belonging was shaped historically and culturally for modern Greeks. In “Who are we?” G. Prevelakis points out the pivotal function of shipping and of Greek diasporas, but also of religious networks, as factors not only of Greek presence, but also of positive anchoring for Greece in the world of networks we increasingly live in.

Prevelakis’ concluding remarks: