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Due to Covid-19, which has hardened our collective work, the full issue of Greek Business File  April –May 2020 goes digital for subscribers and readers of print copies for free.

You can click here to download.

This issue is driven by the shock Covid-19 has caused to all of us on Planet Earth.

Vasilis Trigkas in a deeply motivated and accurate article of opinion suggests to governments and Institutions that they have to “Declare a World War against the Pandemic and fund it”.

On the Greek front during this present crisis, Kerin Hope penetrates to the difficulties Greek Tourism and Travel  are facing as “they  are among the biggest victims in the Covid-19 crisis”, while, Dimitris Kontogiannis explains who the virus poses a major challenge for Greek banks, even the ECB rescued the Greek  bonds.

In this issue, we have the pleasure to present the interesting article for a fresh, modern and necessary look at Map reading as ”A civic and political necessity”,  by Michel Foucher, French Geographer, who holds the chair of Applied Geopolitics at the College of the World in Paris, as well as the vivid interview of Professor Nikos Stambolidis, “the heart and soul” of the Cycladic Arts Museum and of the museum of Eleutherna in Crete.

Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of the MIT Media lab, in this interview insists that “In the digital era, Education and Learning are not the same”.

On the Shipping front, Dr Anna Bredima writes about the “The European Shipping Week 2020”, concluding that “Global solutions needed for global trade and shipping”.

Symela  Touchtidou in an analytical article presents the sector of aluminum in Greece as “A steady contributor to the exports oriented economy”.

Last but not least, GBF presents the Donation of the Vovolini Archives to the Bank of Greece.