“It is promising to see strong Greek cybercommunities in the space contributing to education and networking, notably pioneered by the vibrant and fast-growing Greek Cryptocurrency Community. There are strong signs that Greeks are ahead of the global crypto trend and will play a key role in shaping its future.

“Consumers use Chai to purchase goods and services across dozens of e-commerce merchants”

Nicholas Platias, Head of Research at Terra, the cryptocurrency used by Chai, believes Greece can play a key role in the ever -growing market of cryptocurrencies and strongly benefit from the trend.

” I see big growth potential in the digital payments space (in Greece), mobile payments in particular, which is where companies like Chai can compete for market share. I expect this market gap to be filled soon.”


Many companies struggle to navigate Greek regulations that are often not up to speed with the latest technologies. This is particularly true in the cryptocurrency space, which notably lacks clear regulation. Greek lawmakers should collaborate with their EU counterparts to develop forward-looking regulation that will give confidence to both consumers and companies and make Greece fertile ground for fintech and crypto innovation. Singapore, Switzerland and Malta are notable examples of countries with friendly crypto regulation that have consequently reaped the benefits of f increased business activity and innovation”.

N. Platias talks to Harry Savvidis about the major trends in blockchain, stablecoins, Terra (the crypto Chai uses), Covid’s impact, South Korea (Chai’s main market) and Greece’s place in the cryptocurrency world in the latest issue of Greek Business File.