40 kilometers long, five meters high, made of steel and barbed wire, equipped with eight observatories.

Construction of the new fence on the Greek northeastern border with Turkey, in the Evros Prefecture, has begun. It is expected to be completed by April, 2021.

Greece is reinforcing border control along the Evros river to halt huge waves of migrants and refugees entering the country.

The first part of the fence in Evros, a 12,5 kilometer construction was build by the previous New Democracy government in 2012. This part will be integrated into the new construction and reinforced with a 4.3 high steel railing.

Building the new fence is the least the government can do to make people of Evros feel safe” Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during his visit in Evros, on October 17.

The Greek government has added drones, thermal cameras, inflatable boats and armoured patrol vehicles (APV) to the border surveillance system of the Evros region. It has also promised to staff border patrols with 400 extra guards.

Greece has been tightening control of its land and sea borders. According to the latest data available, 3,709 asylum seekers have entered Greece by land so far this year, compared to almost 15,000 in 2019 and 18,000 in 2018.