The first issue of Viomichaniki Epitheorissis’ “Industrial Review Special Survey Series” made its debut on December 1991.

A quarterly financial issue in English, containing extensive surveys on individual sectors of the Greek economy, written by Robert McDonald – former correspondent of the BBC and other international media networks & author of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s quarterly Country Report on Greece.

In 1998 it was updated and renamed “Business File Special Survey Series”.

“What does the future hold?”. The energy scene in Greece as it looked three decades ago

Peering into the future is always a risky business. To do so in fields like the energy sector is even riskier. So, when Bob McDonald dared to do this exercise for Business File back in March 1992, it is interesting to see how he analysed the situation of Greece and its energy sector as it had developed during an era of slow growth – but also of rough waters in the world energy markets.