The first issue of Viomichaniki Epitheorissis’ “Industrial Review Special Survey Series” made its debut on December 1991.

A quarterly financial issue in English, containing extensive surveys on individual sectors of the Greek economy, written by Robert McDonald – former correspondent of the BBC and other international media networks & author of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s quarterly Country Report on Greece.

In 1998 it was updated and renamed “Business File Special Survey Series”.

When the Greek capital market lived in windfall territory

As the Greek economy is digesting the push that winning back an investment grade rating, offers it, earlier memories of the turn of the century come to the surface. One that the two decades-pus that have passed since have left survive – notwithstanding the dark climax of three successive EU/IMF Adjustment Programmes to bail-out the almost bankrupt economy – is the memory of the windfall that experienced by the financial sector, the Stock Exchange and the capital market overall when Greece was joining the Eurozone.

The March 2001 issue of Business File presented the positive expectations of that sunny era.